• Hello, we are Luke and Helen Lovatt, we are brother and sister. We decide to create a blog in honour of our grandmother, Dorothy Walker.

    We had in our family some problems, many moments which were very difficult, and our grangmother was there all the time for us, for help us, for help our parents and our others brothers and sisters ! She's a grand woman ! But according to us, she didn't have enough acknowledge, none to say the truth. That's why we decide to create this blog, to write what she lived, to tell the moments she passed by.


    Luke and Helen  

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  • Hello,

    When we heard this song for the first time, we thought at once 'Oh, this song remind me grandma !' And we're right ! We felt as if the Beatles were talking about her, or as if the song was the anthem of her life ! This song could be dedicated to our grandmother !

    Our mother, Harriet, had five children, we Luke and Helen, after Jane, Paul and the last Ben. Our mother had in her head  to invite ALL the family during ALL the holidays, EACH holidays. It was very cool, very funny, we have fun with our cousin, we dance, we sing, we laugh, ... However, my parents can't take care of the house, of the family, of the children alone. So grandma was here, all the time, she did everything ! She didn't have time for her, she was exceedingly overwhelmed, exhausted, ... and she didn't say anyhting, she didn't.




    Help ! - The Beatles - YouTube

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  • Hello,

    Luke studied in class the concept of babushka dolls. The term babushka doll refers to a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside an other.

    With this babushka dool, we want to represent the different facets of our grandma. The first woman here, is Dorothy our grandma. The second woman is a french celebrity knowed to help the people who didn't clean their houses. The third woman is a french celebrity too, she is knowed to help the parents to educate their children. The four woman is just a old grandma. We thought that all these women represent credibly grandma. She cleaned the house, she educate us but in reality she is very very very tired, exhausted.




    Our real grandma ...

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